Web Hosting Is Not Easy

Shared hosting is a cost effective solution that small business owners prefer over other hosting accounts. Shared hosting is a platform where a single server is portioned and then allocated to different clients. Each partition shares the common resources and applications installed on the server but have no connection beyond that with each other. Each account is provided with an administrative control panel which allows the user to manage the contents of his website. It allows them to download and upload files, create and manage ftp accounts and even set cron jobs and take backups. A separate MySQL server is also connected with the account that hosts the databases. This is of course in a shared Linux environment. Price wise a shard environment is a lot cheaper, sometimes even ten times cheaper than a dedicated hosting account. Shared hosting is the preferred hosting opted by small companies. Usually they don't have a very large website to maintain and don't need a special requirements in as much as applications are concerned. On a Linux environment, all probable applications needed are pre-installed. If you prefer a shared hosting account try using a HostGator Coupon Code to get a good deal and a solid platform.

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