Best Tips For Microsoft Windows Users

Microsoft Windows users have greatly increased in number because it is user friendly operating system. Following are some tips that every Windows user should know and apply to their computer usage to maximize productivity, profitability and even creativity on a daily basis.

1. Optimizing Windows’ System Performance: The NTFS protocol is better than FAT32 for greater speed and accuracy in processing system tasks. You can even get a more reliable speed if you disable the Windows Indexing. This gives you quicker processing time for such tasks as online connections and other server issues. It has been rumoured that upcoming windows9 has optimized system performance. To know more about this, check out at

You can disable the windows indexing by opening My Computer. Then Right click on drive C or any other drive you want to include in the process. Click on Properties and make sure to uncheck “Allow Indexing Service.” Empty your computer’s Recycle Bin and Defragment all drives as much as possible.

2. Getting the Best of Everything with a Free Software: If you have just bought a laptop or a desktop without an office suite installed, then open office provides maximum performance for enhanced productivity.

Simply download this free software from and experience the power of the free office suite as it takes you to greater heights of sweet success each day. Use a safer browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer when downloading and installing Open Office to prevent the risks of malware or even hacking issues.

3. Capture the Power of Data Encryption for Windows XP Professional: You can encrypt a file from My Documents. Select the file you want to put an encryption on, right click then go to Properties. This will direct you to the General Tab wherein you need to click the advanced button. Check “Encrypt Contents to Secure Data.” Click OK twice. The confirmation dialog box will appear and prompts you to select a folder or files for the final encryption process. You can now add more files in the future in this encrypted folder for maximum file security and enhanced business solutions.

4. Fixing CD Burning Problem: You may encountered various problems with your multimedia device and one of the most troublesome issues here is when burning a CD for reproducing copies of your music. Simply visit your CD drive manufacturer’s website and look for compatible CD types.

These all are some effective tips for windows users. Here are the latest pictures of the upcoming windows9. You can know more about the features of windows9 at windows9infoblog.

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Promo Codes and Coupon Codes Are the Best Ways to Save More

With the help of the promo codes and coupon codes you have the opportunity to save more dollars. What are these promo codes and how to make use of them? Where to find such codes are some of the frequently asked questions by many online shoppers and other customers. Promo code is one of the best ways to attract more customers as they offer interesting deals and huge discounts on all your purchases. By simply clicking the link you would make use of such codes and benefit from the same. It is very simple and easy to find such codes in several websites. However you need to be very careful to choose the right and active codes that would offer major benefits when used. Tracfone promo coupons offer extra talk time to all their customers. It was established in the year 1996 and has been trusted by millions of customers. It is considered to be the market leader as it offers wonderful plans at affordable rates to all their customers. Most of the prepaid cell phone providers expect their customers to enter in to a service contract. However as far as Tracfone is concerned there are no bills and no contracts. It means that you need not enter into any contract and all you need to do is to recharge your cell phone by using the promo coupons and enjoy maximum benefits.

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Popularity Of Prepaid Cell Phones

Many people have switched over to the prepaid phones in recent times. The number of contract phone users is gradually declining. The prepaid cell phones are steadily increasing, and they constitute about twenty five percent of all mobile phone users in United States. It might be difficult to find traditional contract customers in the mobile industry in the days to come. This trend appears to have strong links to the current economic squeeze. A discerning customer will do well to bank upon straight talk promo code to cash in on the incentives.

Compared to the twenty five percent of prepaid subscribers in the United States, the share is more in other parts of the world like seventy percent in Europe and China, ninety five percent in India and ninety nine percent in Africa. In the United States, the mobile scenario is fast changing with a hundred and ten mobiles for hundred people. Growth is still seen in the mobile industry. Connected devices like iPad, tablets or readers are driving the growth of the industry. This segment is growing at twenty three percent whereas the mobile industry is growing at fifteen percent. The growth of postpaid mobile segment is just one percent.

All said and done, more connectivity is needed on more devices. At the same time, economical services are the need of the hour. Prepaid services are therefore becoming hugely popular.

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A Day Without Your Cell Phone

Today, all cell phone manufacturers are encountering intense competition in the production of the most enchanting mobile phone with the maximum features. Today, mobile phones are considered to be more than just a communication device as they can perform various other functions as well. The features of calculators, alarms and watches are already inbuilt in such devices. There are also free game downloads that can be made use of in order to escape boredom. Companies like tracfone have succeeded in offering excellent coverage for the subscribers in the United States, further enhancing the features of the latest smart phones. Along with the special features of the mobile service package, you can also come up with tracfone promo coupons to enjoy crazy discounts.

With the increased use of cellular phones in day to day life, their prices have substaintially dropped and they now come along with great capacity and speed. Plus, the equipmentis well on its way to becoming more than a calling device and includes features that even allow video film editing, sending pictures, e-mailing etc. Smart phones have even become a boon for businessmen. You can easily setup a call conference through your phone if you cannot reach the exact location of the convention. These devices play a vital role in all fields from the aviation industry to the service sector. Thus, you cannot imagine a day without the gadget, especially when these lines of work are considered.

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Call Costs Made Affordable

Cell phones have become indispensable companions in today’s stressful work environment. Global connectivity is indispensable in such a situation as well. This is because of the global nature of business activity. Communication is necessary at all levels, and international calling is an offshoot of the same. We cannot skip on international calls altogether. Also, we may need to travel abroad frequently. This throws up international roaming charges. Global calling and roaming costs are usually pretty expensive. This puts most of us in a dilemma regarding connectivity options. Wireless prepaid connectivity may be a necessity, but how can we curtail costs? The answer lies in using tracfone promo codes. Tracfone is known for its low costs of connectivity. It provides various connectivity options at low rates. You can use innovative systems like the pay as you go system. This has a plethora of useful airtime cards for your use. There are no hidden charges or regular bills for usage.

Also international roaming charges are made more affordable here. You pay roaming charges at local rates! This is true for all international calls too. You do not have to change your number as well. Alongside, you can get additional discounts on talk time plans with these promo codes. This helps you get an affordable and satisfying experience with your wireless prepaid connection.

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