Stay Away From Unethical SEO Companies

Even as you search for a SEO service that suits your needs, be careful not to be scammed. There seems to be unscrupulous internet marketing companies on the internet. It is important to keep your eyes open not to become a victim of their unethical SEO strategies. They are known to manipulate search engine results in very unfair methods. Because of these black hat website marketing practices, which violate Googles guidelines, your websites page rank could be demoted. The site could also be removed from Googles index altogether. To avoid unethical web marketers, you need to be familiar with common scams. There are some SEO experts who create what is commonly called shadow domains.

These domains use deceptive redirects and they are owned by the SEO professionals that claim to help a customer. If the relationship between the professionals and a customer becomes sour, the former may point the domain to a different blog or to a clients rival website. There is also a common illegal SEO strategy called doorway pages. These pages are placed somewhere in your site and they are keyword stuffed. Additionally, they contain hidden links pointing to another site that is promoted by your SEO expert. In this way, the expert uses the doorway page to extract the link popularity of your site. This link popularity is then routed to another website.

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