Some Major Reasons Of Accidents

On irregular surfaces in supermarket car parks visitors frequently fall and injure themselves. Raised concrete edges, broken tarmac, cracked paving stones and pot holes (frequently appearing following intervals of ice in snow and winter), can all cause customers and trip to workers, fall and stumble. Strains, sprains and broken bones from such accidents will often require hospital attention, and a extended period of healing and rest. Stores have a legal duty to ensure that their premises are safe for visitors at all times, and this means operating before a risk can be posed by them a system of inspection and care that removes possible risks. Where they fail in this respect, a compensation claim may be faced by them from an injured party.

Ice and snow can wreak havoc in winter, regularly bringing basic services to a virtual standstill. Going outside is dangerous, though supermarkets will still be seen by large numbers of customers, despite the conditions. Management must make sure that they have adequate supplies of salt or grit to prevent dangerous patches of snow and ice forming in the car park. As in other areas, they are expected to take all reasonable measures to make the premises safe for their lawful visitors, and before either workers or customers arrive at the beginning of the day, shops must ensure that all surfaces are safe to walk on. There is also the danger of slush being trampled inside, and similar efforts must be made to stop way out and entry areas becoming slippery. Then it becomes most important to manage parking of vehicles. In Los Angeles parking rules are very strict and all people have to follow those rules. This is the main reason why accidental rate is very low in Los Angeles.

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