Popularity Of Prepaid Cell Phones

Many people have switched over to the prepaid phones in recent times. The number of contract phone users is gradually declining. The prepaid cell phones are steadily increasing, and they constitute about twenty five percent of all mobile phone users in United States. It might be difficult to find traditional contract customers in the mobile industry in the days to come. This trend appears to have strong links to the current economic squeeze. A discerning customer will do well to bank upon straight talk promo code to cash in on the incentives.

Compared to the twenty five percent of prepaid subscribers in the United States, the share is more in other parts of the world like seventy percent in Europe and China, ninety five percent in India and ninety nine percent in Africa. In the United States, the mobile scenario is fast changing with a hundred and ten mobiles for hundred people. Growth is still seen in the mobile industry. Connected devices like iPad, tablets or readers are driving the growth of the industry. This segment is growing at twenty three percent whereas the mobile industry is growing at fifteen percent. The growth of postpaid mobile segment is just one percent.

All said and done, more connectivity is needed on more devices. At the same time, economical services are the need of the hour. Prepaid services are therefore becoming hugely popular.

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