Online Meeting of Dike Home Depot

(Atlanta, Georgia, USA) - Environmentally friendly team International Rivers raised a sizable canvas yesterday morning at the assembly of shareholders of The Home Depot in Atlanta, containing the information "Dam Home Depot" ("Dam Home Depot").. NGO associates also ingresarona the annual meeting of shareholders to take part in the answer and question period.

The business protesting the purchase by the company of wood products to the Matte Group (CMPC control that's, company of The Home Depot), which can be involved through its electrical Colbn on the proposal to construct five major dams on both most perfect waters of Patagonia in southern Chile. Tanks, dams and their associated transmission lines could damage watersheds, flood unusual put at risk forests and destroy a means of life native to the area.

"We are calling on the U.S. Customer to stop shopping at The House Depot until they stop purchasing the debateable wood services and products via financial interests that threaten to destroy Chilean waters and forests," mentioned Gary Graham Hughes, manager of the Campaign Patagonia International Rivers. "The business has many options to purchase forest services and products, and Chile has ample energy choices that may change a worldwide power in geothermal, solar and wind power, as identified specialists."

Along with the protest activity at the Annual Meeting in Atlanta, there has been demonstrations outside shops in the chain of retail house in several places throughout the western states of the United States. And in the this past year, a large number of customers have written for their executives revealing until The Home Depot simply take steps to distance it self from the debate that no further will store in the sequence. The U.S. The company has been required by environmental NGOs to do this. Also the Socially Responsible Investment Funds in main U.S. has insisted on receiving a answer from the organization stating the chance that requires one to be pulled in to this struggle, which harms the status "green" that characterizes it.

Global Rivers has said it'll stop this strategy once The Home Depot and simply take measures to reduce their relationship questioned Matte Group items, if not use their financial influence and business to greatly help protect the waters of Patagonia.

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