Must Have Software For Small Companies

At first thought you might think big businesses outnumber small businesses. That cannot be more wrong. Small businesses actually make up the majority of businesses followed by medium sized companies. It makes sense as it is easier to start and manage a small company rather than a gigantic corporation. As a small businesses however, there are certain things you are required to do. One of them are to purchase computer software so you can be competitive.

Anti-virus software.

Regardless of what business sector your company belong with, you need security protection. Malicious hackers target businesses because they know they can make a profit. In contrast to consumer computers. So protect your company with an antivirus program. There is a lot of free ones available like AVG and Avast. You just have to do some searching. If you have the money for it, then you can go for the big names like Norton and Mcafee. You won't be able to put a price on security as they say.

Office suite software.

The majority of companies have some office work to perform daily. Only the amount of office work varies. So you need word-processing programs and spreadsheet software. You have the option of buying components individually or buying them as one. If you know you will only need simple word processing, then search online for free ones (e.g., Abi Word, Google Docs). If you will need all the bells and whistles then choose a suite. Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite around. But there are free alternatives like Open Office.

Help Desk Solutions.

As a bonus you might want to consider this. It is a fact that Help desk solution software as well as Help desk ticketing software make customer service a breeze for companies that prioritize customer loyalty. They lighten the load on your customer service department so they commit fewer mistakes. These also free them up to focus on other more important tasks.

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