How To Properly Store The Firewood Outdoors

Millions of people use firewood from Billig and other brands in order to heat their houses. Even though this is cheaper, there also is a disadvantage at using firewood for heating the house: it requires a lot of outdoor space for storing. Storing firewood is not easy at all, as the firewood is very large and occupies a lot of space; this can be a big problem, especially if your outdoor space is limited. When the firewood gets wet, then you'll get a lot of smoke and less heat than you would get by using dry firewood. This is the reason why you need to make sure that the firewood you store is always dry and protected against rain and snow. That's why briquette from Traepiller and other companies may sometimes be a better choice.

What you have to do when trying to properly store firewood is to identify the outdoor location that has air circulation. A lot of people completely cover the firewood in an attempt to protect it against rain and snow, but this will only lock in the moisture, causing the wood to rot. By keeping the wood outside, it gets dry much faster; once the firewood has had enough time to dry in an area with enough air circulation, it can be moved to a new location, such as to a storage barn or a storage shed. You shouldn't consider using firewood for heating the house if you don't have a barn or a storage shed. First build a barn or a shed and only then consider buying firewood in order to use it for heating your house. Next, make sure that the wood is not stores just like that in the barn, directly on the ground; use a plastic sheet or a tarp, as if the wood is stored directly on the ground, it becomes very easy for the moisture to seep in. These are a few rules that need to be applied for firewood storage.

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