How Bail Bondsman Differ from A Bail Bond Company

When the defendant cannot afford to pay for his bail, he gets in touch with a bail bondsman or a bail bond company. There is really no significant difference between a bail bondsman and a bail bond company. The bail bond company provides work for a bail bondsman to offer bail bond services for defendants who require them.

Bail Bond Company
The bail bond company is actually the immediate superior of the bail bondsman. In cases of single or sole proprietorship, the bail bond company and the bail bondsman can be one person.

When a defendant hires the services Bail Bondsman Houston, the defendant agrees to pay bail bonds man Houston a non-refundable fee which is usually 10% of the total amount of bail. So if a defendant is allowed to post bail for $10,000, he has to pay the bail bond company $1,000 immediately.

Bail Bondsman
The bail bondsman is the person that the bail bond company designates to deal with the entire process of bail for the defendant. It is the duty of the bail bondsman to communicate and meet with the defendant or his family members during the process of bail. The bail bondsman also has to ask the defendant or anyone acting on his behalf to put up collateral before bail is posted. This is a form of security in case the defendant jumps on his bail.

When bail is posted, the defendant is released but the job of the bail bondsman does not end there. The bail bonds must then ensure that the defendant comes to his trial at all times or else, they will lose money to the court.

However, when an unfortunate event happens and the defendant jumps on his bail, the bail bondsman and the bail bond company will seize the collateral and will hire a recovery agent to track the defendant down so he can be brought to his hearing to face his criminal case.

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