Best Tips For Microsoft Windows Users

Microsoft Windows users have greatly increased in number because it is user friendly operating system. Following are some tips that every Windows user should know and apply to their computer usage to maximize productivity, profitability and even creativity on a daily basis.

1. Optimizing Windows' System Performance: The NTFS protocol is better than FAT32 for greater speed and accuracy in processing system tasks. You can even get a more reliable speed if you disable the Windows Indexing. This gives you quicker processing time for such tasks as online connections and other server issues. It has been rumoured that upcoming windows9 has optimized system performance. To know more about this, check out at

You can disable the windows indexing by opening My Computer. Then Right click on drive C or any other drive you want to include in the process. Click on Properties and make sure to uncheck "Allow Indexing Service." Empty your computer's Recycle Bin and Defragment all drives as much as possible.

2. Getting the Best of Everything with a Free Software: If you have just bought a laptop or a desktop without an office suite installed, then open office provides maximum performance for enhanced productivity.

Simply download this free software from and experience the power of the free office suite as it takes you to greater heights of sweet success each day. Use a safer browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer when downloading and installing Open Office to prevent the risks of malware or even hacking issues.

3. Capture the Power of Data Encryption for Windows XP Professional: You can encrypt a file from My Documents. Select the file you want to put an encryption on, right click then go to Properties. This will direct you to the General Tab wherein you need to click the advanced button. Check "Encrypt Contents to Secure Data." Click OK twice. The confirmation dialog box will appear and prompts you to select a folder or files for the final encryption process. You can now add more files in the future in this encrypted folder for maximum file security and enhanced business solutions.

4. Fixing CD Burning Problem: You may encountered various problems with your multimedia device and one of the most troublesome issues here is when burning a CD for reproducing copies of your music. Simply visit your CD drive manufacturer's website and look for compatible CD types.

These all are some effective tips for windows users. Here are the latest pictures of the upcoming windows9. You can know more about the features of windows9 at windows9infoblog.

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