Best Leveling Guides In WOW

There are many kinds of WOW leveling guides on the internet, but you should choose the appropriate guide to help you play the game. Here, another guide will help you. In this guide, I will tell you two tips for leveling fast in your WOW world.

The first is the "Dungeon Leveling". Although it needs some experience and can be a little boring compared to just racing through quests to level up, it could be the most effective way to get to the level of 85. The technique to Dungeon leveling involves running chains of dungeons with other players. And it is now easier than ever to dungeon level. Your dungeon leveling will change in different classes you are playing. Compared to the tanking and healing classes, the damage classes need to wait longer for the dungeon group to form. If you are DPS or damage class, it is wise to do a lot of professions or quests while queuing. So, it can be better to find the random option. Because of the high demand for tanks, tanks can pretty much form dungeon groups all day. Of couse, tanks are the best for dungeon leveling. Healers are also great classes for dungeon leveling.

The second is the "Dungeon quests". It can be a vital factor for leveling fast, you should not ignore. Dungeon quests can bring you much more experience, but they are more difficult. You should know some dungeon quests are only available to the Alliance, and some dungeon quests are available to the Horde. The World of Warcraft XP and leveling system are based on the quests, and the dungeon quests can bring you more when your power leveling through the dungeons. Blizzard doesnt think it is necessary to build maps for the lower level dungeons, it can be frustrating to navigate for novice and even the experienced players. Dungeon leveling can take you all around the WOW map, and it will tell you where the quests pickups are for each dungeon can take a lot of work.

The two tips will bring you more than what I said, such as you can get a lot of WOW gold and much more fun in your spare time.

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